Undertaking the topographic survey
 View over the cemetery area
Cleaning the town enclosure wall

British Museum Expedition to Amara West

The fieldwork at Amara West is made possible with the generous permission of the National Corporation of Antiquities and Museums (NCAM) in Sudan, with particular thanks due to the director, Dr. Hassan Hussein Idris, and the Fieldwork director, Dr. Salah Mohamed Ahmed. The NCAM inspector with our mission is Shadia Abdu Rabu, who has been extremely helpful. Mounir Alleh-Saleh Abdallah, the ghaffir of the site, derserves thanks for all his efforts helping with the expedition's logistics.

Fieldwork at Amara West is funded directly by the British Museum. The magnetometry survey in 2008 was undertaken by a team from Archaeological Prospection Services of Southampton, http://apss.soton.ac.uk/ and the British School at Rome, www.bsr.ac.uk.

The bespoke database has been developed by Nicolas Monté, during and after an internship at the British Museum.

The following team-members have participated in the field seasons:

At the British Museum, scientists Rebecca Stacey, Caroline Cartwright and Michela Spataro have provided invaluable guidance on the various aspects of scientific analyses. Michele Buzon (University of Purdue) has offered guidance on strontium isotope analyses. We are also grateful for the input of Irmgard Hein (University of Vienna) and Alan Clapham (Worcestershire Archeology Unit).

The post-excavation burden has been considerably lightened by the help of several volunteers at the British Museum, notably Hélène Virenque, Karis Eklund, Bori Nemeth, Elena Valtorta and Ayisha Khan.

Finally, thanks are due to Vivian Davies, Claire Messenger, Alison Cameron and Derek Welsby for their support and help with the project.